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What is the SportsDashboards security model?

SportsDashboards has a tiered security model using randomized URL's and username/password protection. This allows a high level of protection for certain features and a high level of convenience and ease of use for others.

A randomized URL is a URL designed to make it impossible for someone to guess a particular link. An example would be:


The trade off between security and convenience plays out as follows:

  • Player and Coach Dashboards - randomized URL, unique to each individual
  • Administrator Dashboard - randomized URL, optional password protection
  • Project Manager in My Tawala - Username and password log-in account protection

Hacking into a system such as SportsDashboards is very expensive, takes time, and requires advanced technical skills. Most hackers look for information leading to immediate financial gain, such as credit card information.

As a security measure, SportsDashboards does not receive your online payment monies or any information relating to online payments such as credit card numbers. These are all handled by PayPal in your own PayPal account.

PayPal has developed a security infrastructure involving hundreds of developers and a very significant budget to combat this problem. Not only do they have to protect against intrusions, they have to do the harder task of detecting when intrusions are successfully accomplished and information stolen (something to consider when looking at other online registration and web services vendors).

The cases where youth sports organizations have lost money have generally involved online registration providers who go out business suddenly, still owing registration fees collected on their behalf.

Though there is no financial motivation for hackers to attack SportsDashboards, youth sports organizations are understandably concerned about player and family personal information being kept private. In particular, they do not want the information used by third parties for marketing purposes or for identity theft. SportsDashboards does not provide this information to any third parties and considers the information to be the property of each individual youth sports organization. Identity theft usually involves credit card applications, and in youth sports most registrants are too young to qualify for credit cards.

With this structure, SportsDashboards is not a target for financial gain by the kind of people who have the requisite technical skills.

What happens if the administrator URL is erroneously distributed?

The Administrator can set up or change an optional password for the Administrator Dashboard.

How is your data center where the data resides secured?

We host our servers at a modern co-location facility.


Here is a description of their security arrangements from their website:

Sonic.net recognizes the security needs of its customers. Key card entry combined with biometric identification (hand recognition scanning) is required for entry. Each cabinet is individually keyed with Medico lock cores and cabinets are re-keyed for each new customer. This system allows our customers 24x7 access to the facility without fear of unauthorized access.

In addition to biometric controls, Sonic.net has employed a mantrap that regulates access to the data center. This portal accepts a single person and uses biometric security combined with key card verification prior to allowing access to the data center. This guarantees that only authorized personnel are granted access and prohibits "tailgating" of non-authorized persons.

24x7 video surveillance keeps a visual record of all activity. Each cabinet door is outfitted with magnetic sensors which are triggered when the door to the cabinet is opened. Through our online tools, a security contact can be configured to receive an email when a cabinet is accessed. IP cameras allow authorized customers to view the activity at their cabinet if they receive an alert that their space was accessed.


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