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Recruitment Email Blast

What is the Recruitment Email Blast?

You may want to email everybody from last year's program to see if they would like to register again for a new season.

You can send a registration invitation email from SportsDashboards to everyone on a recruitment email list. The recruitment email has your own words, comes from you, and contains a link to the online registration form.

How do I prepare the Recruitment Email List?

Please create an Excel file containing the Player First Name, Player Last Name, Email address1, Email address2, and Parent First Name of those you wish to invite.

Don't worry if you don't have all this information. We can manage with as little as just the email addresses.

Typically, for parents with two or more kids, we put in an entry for each kid. The parent will get two emails, but if the email salutation is set to 'parents of (kid name)', which SportsDashboards can do for you, it will look OK to the parents because they see an email for each kid. This allows SportsDashboards to compare the registration list to the recruitment list accurately based on the player name. Then, when you send subsequent emails out to your recruitment list (for instance, 'reminder - registration closes Friday'), you don't send email to players who have already registered.

How do I put the Recruitment Email List into SportsDashboards?

We will import the information for you into your SportsDashboards.

How do I send my Recruitment Email?

You can send your Recruitment Email by going to:

Administrator Dashboard > Preseason Activities > Recruitment List Tools > Send Email to Recruitment List

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As I'm sure you already know, the recruitment email itself should cover the essentials of your program. These include: Key Dates, Eligibility, Uniform information, volunteer policies, financial assistance, Clinics, etc.

How do I send registration reminder emails to those who haven't registered yet?

It's a good idea to send a few additional emails to your recruitment list reminding them to register, especially as the registration deadline nears.

SportsDashboards can send reminder emails to those who haven't registered yet, but if a player puts in a first name that is different in some small way (Alex vs. Alexander) from the name in the email recruitment list, the system will not see them as the same person. They will receive a reminder email even though they've already registered. The easiest thing to do is to take their email off of the recruitment email list since you already have their contact information in their registration.

In general, when writing a reminder email, It's always a good idea to say, "If you haven't registered already..." as an opening statement.

To send a reminder email go to:

Admin Dashboard > Preseason Activities > Recruitment List Tools > Send Email to Recruitment List

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To delete an email from the Recruitment List go to:

Admin Dashboard > Preseason Activities > Recruitment List Tools > Delete a Recruitment Record

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What should I do with bounced emails?

In any given year about 5% of parents change their email addresses, resulting in a fair number of bounced email notices coming to your email account.

You can email the registration link to them once you get their correct email address.

You can also enter their correct email addresses into SportsDashboards so that when you send your next registration reminder email, they will receive it with everyone else and you will not have bounces.

Go to:

Admin Dashboard > Preseason Activities > Recruitment List Tools > Edit a Recruitment Record

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