Tawala SportsDashboard Help

Getting Started

This is your Checklist for your SportsDashboards Launch.

Before You Launch

You will need to complete the following items before your SportsDashboards Launch.

1. Setup your PayPal account

You will need to set up your own PayPal Account for your league. The reason for this is that we at SportsDashboards never receive or have access to your money. It goes directly to your league.

Please review the PayPal Help Page for the details of setting up an account, as well as what kind of account.

It takes 3-5 days to setup an account because PayPal needs to verify your bank account transfer capabilities with an actual test.

When you are set up, please send us your account log in email address. We do not need your password.

2. Finalize your SportsDashboards Setup

We will work with you to customize your SportsDashboards, with particular attention to your online registration form. See the SportsDashboards Setup Help page

3. Send us your Recruitment email list

The recruitment email list is a list of players and families you would like to send an email blast inviting them to register. Most customers have been sending us their player information from last year's season.

Please send us Player First Name, Player Last Name, Parent First Name, and a primary and secondary email address in an Excel file.

Don't worry, if you don't have all that information readily available, we can work with a plain email list.

When we receive your email list, we will load it into the system for you.

4. Review the Online Purchase Order and Click to "Accept it"

We will send you a Purchase Order agreement.

5. Pre-launch Check

Prior to launch, please let us review all your settings and registration form to make sure everything is all right. We will also turn on daily backups and clean out any sample information.

6. Online Registration Launch

You will send an email blast to your community inviting them to register for this year's season.

You will also post a link on your website provided by SportsDashboards to the online registration form.

At this point, registrations will start coming in. Time to review the Registrations Help page.


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